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Intrepid Journey

In April 2006 I randomly offered companionship to a fellow blogger in his dream to cycle Across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Much to my surprise he accepted that offer and 4 weeks later I find myself on the adventure of my life cycling upwards of 100km a day and living life to the fullest. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

11:55 am - A very quick update

We are in Miramichi. That's in NouveauFuckingBoringswick... where having fun is frowned upon and Tourist Information is distincly lacking.

Trying to desperately fathom the wheres and wherefores of coming back to England after all is said and done.

Sorry, no time for photos today... but you've only two weeks to wait - with any luck.

I have a shiny new rack on my bike having trashed the old one. I have riden about 150km with it zip-tied together, including 10km of construction gravel-track. Every excuse to spend a night in a victorian B&B - oh no, that would be the total lack of camping within 170km of the tourist badlands.

Pray for me interweb, I need mechanical good zen for the road ahead.

It's out of New Boringsasswick as soon as possible and up to Cape Breton where Aunty Frances and Uncle Les have assured me, the road ahead is pleasant-enough.

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