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Intrepid Journey

In April 2006 I randomly offered companionship to a fellow blogger in his dream to cycle Across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Much to my surprise he accepted that offer and 4 weeks later I find myself on the adventure of my life cycling upwards of 100km a day and living life to the fullest. 

Thursday, June 01, 2006

3:53 pm - This week we have mostly been practicing bear aware camping

I have come to the conclusion this bear-aware lark is a bit of a gimick. We have been advised in the last three stops to be bear-aware, yet food storage and dishwashing facilities are distinctly inadequate, complete with notices advising us not to do our dishes in the washrooms (yeah, so).

Finally, in Lake Louise - grizzly bear country we continue to be encouraged to practice bear-aware skills and yet, we are protected by a 7000V electric fence (including a charged cattle grid - you either ride it or you use the ped gate, there'll be no dabbing in cleats!@)

Our journey from Vernon to Lake Louise consisted of country roads through the Spallumcheen valley (watching the rain storms on the far side) and a camp night in Oyama near Winfield watching it rain on the RV-ers at the other campground - we had one rumble of thunder Wends, how's your hangover?

Up to Sicamous and a night out in t'pub followed by the gruelling climb up to Canyon Hot Springs where we lounged from about 7 till 9pm, outside, watching snowy peaks in a pool of water 108F.

Upwards from there via Roger's Pass to Golden. I completed the whole ride short of one spoke (yes, the other one of the pair broke). Andrew was much impressed by the effort involved in avoiding every pothole over a 123km mountain pass.

Bike fixed in Golden we then tackled the more notorious Kicking Horse pass to Lake Louise where we now reside on our first "day-off". Only 40km of hacking around the roads up to Lake Louise itself and morraine lake. Impressive photos to follow.

Only two actual bear sightings. I saw one in teh ditch next to the road, heavily involved in eating carion with some ravens and next day, as we ate sausage rolls through the construction on Kicking Horse, we watched a bear way down in the valley running from the train. Otherwise, we have been comuning with the ground squirrels and fighting marmots for real-estate.

Weather's expected to stay good for our continuation now in Alberta, up to Saskatchewan River Crossing and skirting round Edmonton.

Running kilometrage to date 1224km.

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