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Intrepid Journey

In April 2006 I randomly offered companionship to a fellow blogger in his dream to cycle Across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Much to my surprise he accepted that offer and 4 weeks later I find myself on the adventure of my life cycling upwards of 100km a day and living life to the fullest. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

10:09 am - Some pre-trip stats

(not to scale)
Canada is approximately 8000km across.
Britain is approximately 1300km from Lands' End to John O'Groats

Canada's population is 32,000,000, most of them located near to the border with the US whilst vehemently trying not to be any part of it.
The population of the UK is 60,000,000 - most of them huddled as close to Europe as they can get whilst still denying they want to be any part of it.

The UK has approximately the same square km area as the second largest Island in Canada - Victoria Island in Northern BC (shown left).

Canada map courtesy of Government of Canada (includes target points established to date). Victoria Island map courtesy of www.answers.com
Idea for Post courtesy of Ben and his wife who thinks I am insane (fair point).

Blogger J.a.G. said...

You need to take before trip leg pics and after trip ones as well.  

Blogger Andy Maxwell said...

You are so NUTS. In the best possible way. This is a great idea Andi, and i find myself wanting to come too! Best of luck with it and i am looking forward to hearing your news. PS I second the legs pictures idea.  

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